The price of a kWh of electricity

The price of your electricity (kWh) depends on the electricity company you’re with. There are two types of companies: those that belong to the regulated market and those in the free market.

If you’re with a company in the regulated market, the price of a kWh varies every hour, every day, 365 days of the year. In the free market, each company sets its own terms and its own price. At Holaluz we believe that the best option, especially for you as a customer, is to pay a fixed, low price.

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Why Holaluz?

Because at Holaluz we prefer you to focus on things other than your electricity bill. Let us take care of it and help you to save money by giving advice on the best option for you.

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    Save with 100% green energy

    We offer renewable energy only and without any extra cost.

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    A fixed price without surprises

    Pay a low price - the same price 24 hours a day - because you don’t live by the clock.

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    No minimum term contracts

    Because you’re free to come and go whenever you want. There are no ties and no minimum term contracts.

How to sign up to Holaluz?

Signing up to Holaluz and changing from your current electricity company is really easy. You only need 3 minutes and there’s no paperwork or admin fees. And no minimum contracts! Sign up by calling 900 670 707 or through our website.

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Are you really interested in the price of today's kWh?

Keep in mind that the price of a kWh of electricity varies every hour if you are on a PVPC rate, which is determined daily in a kind of electricity stock market that sets the price of electricity for the next day. It’s public and you can find out the price every day through the OMIE (Operator of the Iberian Energy Market).

However, if you prefer to live in peace and forget about the price of your electricity, knowing that you’ll always have a good price, fixed for 24 hours a day; It's time to switch to Holaluz.

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    Switch in 3 minutes

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    No paperwork, no admin fees

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    No minimum contracts, you're free!

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    Change even if you’re a tenant

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