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You can finally make sense of your energy bills

Holaluz is the energy company that allows you to see things differently. That's why we invest in an energy bill that's always clear and honest. An energy bill that gives you savings on green energy. Change to Holaluz and discover a company that puts you at the forefront of all our decisions: because if it's not good for you, it's not good for us.

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    Save with green energy

    Because saving is as simple as having a personalized rate tailored to your needs and the needs of your home. Never the other way around!

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    No surprises on your bills

    With our non-surprise payment method, you pay the same every month and enjoy our best price on your electricity bill.

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    Confirm before you pay

    Because a few days before we send you your bill, you will receive an estimate, from which you can verify whether what you are going to be charged is correct or not, and get it amended.

How can you save on your energy bill?

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    Choose an energy tariff that suits you best

    At Holaluz we offer you the chance to join the fair energy revolution, with an energy tariff that best suits you, and saves you money on your energy bill.

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    Save money by adjusting how much power you use

    We often have a higher contracted power supply than we need. For every kW you reduce, you save €60 a year, on your bill.

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    To save on your energy bills there are two key terms: the energy usage and energy standing charges. Use your energy more efficiently by adjusting your contracted power, and notice the savings.

We make things simpler

At Holaluz we take care of everything related to your energy, and you only have to enjoy your green energy.

Understand your energy bill in 2 minutes

Understanding the energy bill may seem impossible. But in Holaluz we know that impossible is nothing: it just takes a little longer. So let's go :)

  • The main part of your energy bill is composed by the power and energy term, and that represents the most of what you pay for your electricity.

  • The power term is the fixed part of your energy bill. That means you'll pay it, no matter if you've used or not your electricity. For more contracted power, the greater the amount you will pay. So reducing your power is always a good idea (if you have never jumped your lead, you can do it!). The energy term, on the other hand, is the variable part of your invoice and goes according to Use of electrical energy that you have made.

    Other terms that appear are:

    1. The electric tax: it's calculated applying 5.11% to the sum of power and energy.
    2. Light meter rental : Except if you are the owner, you will pay a monthly rent (to the distribution company in your area).
    3. VAT: 21% that records all of the above concepts.

Join the fair energy revolution and discover an electricity company that lets you see things differently

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    Save with 100% green energy

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    A personalised electrical rate

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    No surprise on your bills

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    No exceptions or minimum contracts

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    You can change even if you’re not a homeowner

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