I’m moving, what do I do about electricity?

Have you got a move coming up? Whether you own or rent, here are the steps you should follow with your electricity contract.

There’s a popular myth that moving house is the second most stressful event.

Here at Holaluz, we’ll make the whole process far easier. If you’re moving to a new place, this is everything you need to know.

I am an Holaluz client

  • In the place you’re leaving

    To cancel the contract at your old place, you should request a client change through your Client Zone, clicking on “Changes - Client change”. You can enter the details of the new tenant and the date and readings from your last bill. If you want to cancel the electricity to this supply point, then you’ll have to call us on 900 67 07 07.

  • In your new place

    To stay with Holaluz at your new place, you should visit your Client Zone and click “New Contract”. Remember that every dwelling is a supply point, which means a new contract. You can also give us a call, and we’ll take care of all of it to you.

    If you’re a gas client too, then call us on 900 67 07 07 and we’ll manage it for you.

I am not a client yet

  • New home, 100% green energy

    Whether your new place has electricity or not, calculate how much you’ll pay in less than 3 minutes. To start with, we’ll offer you the Classic payment option. Once we’ve got more information about how you use your energy, we can offer you the tariff that best suits you. Get a quote

  • If there’s already a Holaluz contract in your new home

    If you know the old tenant, ask them to make the change in the Client Zone. If not, call 900 67 07 07 and we’ll handle it all for you. We want to make sure your electricity contract doesn’t give you a headache. Moving suddenly doesn’t seem so bad, right?

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