I’m moving out

Have you decided to move out? Whether you live in a rental or a private property house, these are the steps you should follow with your electricity contract.

A false myth says that moving out ranks second most stressful experiences.

I am a Holaluz client

With the place you are leaving

In order to cancel your current contract you must request an ownership change. You could do this through your Client Zone or by calling at 900 67 07 07. In addition, you should indicate whether or not you want to make a definitive withdrawal, thus leaving the supply without electricity.

With the new place

If you want to continue with Holaluz in your new home, you should first create a new contract for the new supply. This step is mandatory, since the contract is associated with the supply and not with the client. You could do it from your Client Zone, into the “Changes” section and pressing on “New Contract”, or by calling at 900 67 07 07.

I am not a client yet

If you want to join Holaluz, you can sign up in less than 3 minutes.

Just tell us what your new home is like and then you will be able to calculate the rate that best suits your needs.

Get a quote

If the place you are moving in already has a contract with Holaluz (because we bring the green energy everywhere)

just call us at 900 67 07 07 and ask for an ownership change. We want you to stop worrying about your electricity contract. Moving to a new place doesn't seem to be so terrible anymore, right?