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Join the Revolution of the Rooftops with our Fair Rate, the 100% green flat rate. A fixed fee that includes absolutely everything (yep, taxes too). You use all the clean energy you need, and our technology will learn from how you live and calculate the best rate for you. So that you can get on with life and always pay the same.

Fair - because we think you deserve the best

Our relationship with you is our priority. Thanks to our technology, the better we get to know each other the better we can predict how much you're going to consume, and so give you the lowest fixed rate possible. That means you always pay the same, and we commit to that rate being a fair one.

So you can relax. You can forget all about dealing with your electricity bill every month and stop trying to wrap your head around the concepts of prices per kilowatt-hour and price changes depending on the time of day. Things will always be clear. You just pay what you pay, with no surprises or extra costs. 100% green energy for those who worry about the planet, but don’t want to worry about their electricity bills.

How the Fair Rate works?

A personalized flat rate

We’ll calculate the personalised fixed quote that’s best for you based on the average consumption in your home over the last 12 months. It’ll be a rate that includes everything, with no small print or asterisks.

As the name implies, it’s fair

There are consumers out there paying for services or power that they don’t need, and that’s not fair. To avoid that, at Holaluz we analyse what you really need, and then adapt to you. If you need changes made to your power or access tariff, we’ll go ahead and make them. You won’t have to lift a finger.

No account balances at the end of the year

With the Holaluz flat rate, you pay the same every month, and that’s that. You don't need to keep an eye on things or have nightmares about whether, to compensate, you’ll have to pay extra at the end of the year (as if you didn’t have enough bills to worry about).

With this rate, you’ll never pay more

Seriously. There are no extra charges for any energy you use, no matter what time you use it. You use all the electricity you need. We know that you're not going to waste it, because looking after the planet is important to you. If you think like we do, we’ll be delighted to keep the agreement going.

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At Holaluz, our relationship with our clients comes first

Our technology means that with every passing day we can improve things for you. We're always aiming to build a better relationship with you, but for that we need time to get to know each other. This personalised flat electricity rate is aimed at people who use energy responsibly to meet their needs whilst always thinking of the planet. People who don’t waste energy, and don’t leave the air conditioning or the lights on when they leave home.

Responsible energy use?

You make it possible. We trust people just like you

If you share our values, then you can sign up to pay a personalised amount every month, calculated based on your needs.

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