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How to install solar panels

If you're wondering how to install solar panels for self-consumption to transform your roof into 100% green energy for you and everyone else, you just have to take some basic aspects of how photovoltaic self-consumption works into account.

Currently, installing solar panels is a possibility for anyone with a roof. The price of the elements that make up an installation has decreased significantly. Combined with administrative aspects such as discounts on the IBI and subsidies and grants available, as well as the need to move towards a sustainable energy model, that all makes installing solar panels an excellent sustainable option for saving on your electricity bill.

The ideal way to install solar panels is to carry out a personalised study beforehand to determine the viability of your roof. The pitch, orientation and the number of hours it receives solar radiation are key aspects to take into account. Check it out.

Based on the initial study, a technical study is carried out to define the time frame, materials required and, of course, the cost of the installation. At Holaluz our starting point is how to make the most of the capacity of every roof: the more solar energy you produce, the more energy and money you'll be able to save. Once the payment or financing has been agreed upon, we'll proceed to the installation of your solar panels. The installation basically consists of assembling and fixing the supports that will attach the panels to the roof, and then connecting the panel system to the inverter, which is connected to the electrical switchboard.

The legalisation of the installation is another fundamental step in the process of how to install solar panels. Applications for permits and the management of subsidies for solar panels are things that not all installation companies carry out. Lastly, it's essential to have maintenance and monitoring which allows you to remotely control the consumption, production and surplus energy of your installation. Compensation for surplus energy by an electricity supplier is the finishing touch to the installation of solar panels for self-consumption.

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