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How many solar panels do I need for a house?

The number of solar panels depends on two things. How much electricity you need and the space available to install solar panels. Keep in mind that sometimes space is not the whole roof, because sometimes there are shades. But don’t worry, the solar expert who advises you and our technical team will prepare an offer taking into account your current consumption.

It is important that if you plan to increase your consumption in the future and want us to consider it, you remember to mention it to your solar expert, so he or she can take it into account. From there we will calculate the ideal power of your installation, therefore the number of modules. Each module will occupy approximately 1.7m2 (18,3sq ft). If the average installation for a residential customer serves as a reference, there are about 12 modules and therefore occupies 20.4m2 (219.6sq ft). But as we said, take this as a guidance. Your consumption may require more modules, and therefore more surface, or less.

If you want to know more, here is more information. And if you have already made up your mind, you can ask us for your personalized study to see how many panels you are interested in and how much you can save.

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