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How to tell if a solar panel is damaged?

As long as it’s properly maintained, a solar panel has a long useful life. We’re talking 25 years or more. However, a small knock during installation or any damage caused by external agents (e.g. a falling branch) can drastically reduce the output of the installation. This will undoubtedly also affect the savings you enjoy each month on your electricity bill.

Here's how to tell if a solar panel is damaged. But keep in mind that this requires electrical knowledge. For your safety, we recommend that these kinds of checks should be carried out by professionals who are able to work at heights.

  1. With the use of a multimetre we can measure the current, voltage and resistance values of a solar panel.
  2. Once these values have been obtained, they should be checked against the manufacturer's technical specifications.
  3. If the values are not similar, it's very possible that the solar panel is damaged.

At Holaluz, we offer a solar panel maintenance service so you don't have to worry about any incidents. We take care of everything! The maintenance service we offer includes an annual cleaning and revision of your installation. We also remotely monitor how they’re operating, and if we detect that production has dipped, we’ll resolve it in less than 3 working days if it’s urgent or in 2 weeks if it’s not.

You can request the annual review of your installation whenever you prefer, but if you forget, don't worry: we’ll proactively schedule a date.

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