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How to get an electrical bulletin?

The electrical bulletin is like your electrical installation’s MOT. This is a mandatory document for all homes that certifies that your installation is in perfect condition and complies with current regulations. Below, we’ll tell you how to get an electrical bulletin or CIE for your installation.

To get the electrical bulletin or CIE (Electrical Installation Certificate) of your installation, you have to contact an authorised electrician or an installation company. Only they can perform the electrical check of your installation. Once they’ve completed the revisions, they will issue and stamp your electrical bulletin. 

There are no deadlines for the issuing of the electrical bulletin. It can be immediate or take a few days, depending on whether it's only a review of the quality of the installation or if there are any modifications or repairs to be made. 

However, it's important to note that even if the report shows a favourable inspection and the technician issues the certificate, it's the distribution company that has the final say in approving the report and authorising the activation of the supply, and may ask for changes to be made to the electrical installation if it deems it to be necessary.

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