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What are the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy?

Solar energy has many advantages, both for the environment and for your pocket. Let’s go through them, one by one:

  • Unlike non-renewable fossil fuels, solar energy is environmentally friendly. It doesn't pollute the air or water, or emit greenhouse gases. Therefore, it doesn’t contribute to global warming. However, according to data from the Red Eléctrica de España (Spanish Electricity Network), only 46.6% of all electricity produced in Spain comes from renewable sources.

  • It’s renewable. Unlike nuclear energy and energy from fossil fuels such as oil, natural gas or coal, solar energy is infinite. And Spain is spoiled for sunshine, with 1700 hours of sun per year. However, Brussels has more solar panel installations.

  • Cut your electricity bill down. The energy produced by your solar panels will cover part or all of your consumption demand, which will translate into economic and energy savings on your electricity bill. Only with Holaluz can you cut your electricity bill down to €0, or even earn money. Check it out!

Perhaps you’re wondering about the disadvantages of solar energy. Well, solar energy has very few drawbacks, and at Holaluz we’ve turned them on their heads:

  • Enjoying its benefits requires an initial investment. With the Rooftop Revolution, you won’t have to make a down payment, as you can finance 100% of the cost of your photovoltaic installation.

  • When the sun hides away, you won’t enjoy savings. When you make your rooftop part of the Revolution, you’ll enjoy a fixed monthly saving.  It’ll be yours every month, whether it rains, snows or the sun shines.

As you can see, the advantages far outweigh the supposed disadvantages of solar energy. What are you waiting for? Make your rooftop part of the Revolution.

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