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What is the “electrical bulletin” or CIE for?

The CIE (Certificado de Instalación Eléctrica or Electrical Installation Certificate), also known as the "electrical bulletin", is a mandatory document for all dwellings, and guarantees that your electrical installation is totally safe.

The electricity supplier, which is the company you choose to provide and bill you for your electricity supply (e.g. Holaluz), will inform you in the event that the distribution company requires the newsletter.

The distribution company, which has the record of all the bulletins of each supply point, requests the CIE when:

  • You register an electricity supply, either for the first time or when there’s already been a connection. The same electrician or authorised installation company will certify the electrical installation with an official quality seal.
  • The electrical installation is more than 20 years old.
  • You request a change of electrical power and the number of kilowatts exceeds the maximum shown on the CIE. In that case, you’d have to request a new bulletin and adjust the installation.
  • There's a change of ownership or a technical modification. It's important that the CIE is up to date and reflects all modifications to the electrical installation.
  • Power is cut off due to non-payment.

These are the main situations in which you may be asked for the CIE of your electrical installation.

Bear in mind that the CIE is valid for 20 years. Therefore, after this period of time, you'll need to ask for an inspection to renew it. If you want to find out if your electricity bulletin is out of date, just contact your local distributor. By providing your CUPS (Código Universal de Punto de Suministro or Universal Supply Point Code) or the postal address of your supply, they will be able to tell you whether the CIE is still valid or has expired.

Now you know what the “electrical bulletin” is for and how to get it. What you might not know is that at Holaluz we take care of managing the CIE of all our solar installations, so if you make your rooftop part of the Revolution, you can forget all about it. And not just about the CIE! The technical survey, financing, permits, licences and subsidies too, because we do all that for you.

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