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What does a solar installation include?

A solar installation includes these elements:

  • Solar panels: They are responsible for converting the sun's energy into electricity. But the electricity that comes out of the solar panels is incompatible with the one you use in your house, the 220V in alternating current. The electricity delivered by the panels has an unstable voltage and also in direct current. So we cannot directly connect the solar panels to your electrical installation. This requires the inverter.
  • The inverter: This element is in charge of making the electricity that comes out of your photovoltaic panels compatible with the electrical grid of your home. It is like the power supply of any equipment, but the other way around. Technically we could say that instead of converting the alternating current of your electrical grid into continuous as a power supply, it does it the other way around. In addition, the inverter has an intelligence that allows it to adapt at all times and almost instantaneously to the weather conditions and is therefore responsible for extracting the maximum amount of energy possible from your solar panels.
  • Smart Meter: This is not mandatory for a self-consumption installation, but in HL we like to install it. This is because we consider that it is important that you know at all times not only what your installation produces, but also what you are consuming and if you require additional energy to that generated by your plant or if you have surplus electricity.
  • Security elements: Photovoltaic installations are now super safe. And indeed, better safe than sorry. The installation incorporates a circuit breaker and a GFDI, so that we can guarantee total safety. We are also obligated by regulations to do so.

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