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How many solar panels do I need depending on the size of my house?

Calculating the number of solar panels you need for your home is very important. That will determine:

  • How quickly you recover your initial investment.
  • The savings on your electricity bill you’ll enjoy every month.

Here’s an example:

How many solar panels would you need for a 100m2 home?

  • Self-consumption mode. If you're only thinking of self-consuming the energy you produce, an installation of 5 to 8 solar panels will suffice. This way, by law you'll only be able to reduce the consumption part of your electricity bill, and you'll be wasting a large portion of your roof's potential.
  • Distributed generation mode. With the distributed generation system that we offer you at Holaluz, if your roof allows it you can reduce your electricity bill to €0 (yes, the fixed part too) and even earn money. We're the only ones that can maximise your rooftop’s production capacity. How? Easy! Installing the maximum number of solar panels possible so that you can produce more and, therefore, save more. Every extra panel will save you between €5 and €10 every month.

As you can see, rather than asking yourself how many solar panels you need for a house of 100m2 or 200 m2, you should ask yourself how much you want to get out of your roof and save every month. With Holaluz, as well as consuming 100% green energy, you’ll produce green energy for everyone, and we’ll pay you for it. Here, we’ll tell you all the advantages of distributed generation compared to self-consumption.

At Holaluz, we also calculate the solar panels you need for you, always making the very most of your rooftop’s production potential to maximise your monthly savings. What are you waiting for? Make your rooftop part of the Revolution.

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