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How to clean solar panels?

If you’ve got a solar installation at home, you might be wondering how to clean your solar panels.  

Solar panels have to be exposed to solar radiation in order to generate energy. For this reason, they’ve been designed to be outdoors and withstand all types of weather. Unless they’re located somewhere with a lot of pollution, snow, sand or dust, rain will be enough to keep them clean. 

But that doesn't mean you can just forget about them. Solar panels require a thorough cleaning every year. It’s estimated that the absence of optimum solar  panel maintenance can lead to their performance being reduced by up to 10%. 

Here's how to clean solar panels correctly:

  1. Clean your panels every 6-12 months or when dirty with non-pressurised water or with water, soap and the help of a soft brush.
  2. Do this when the sun is at its lowest. For example, first thing in the morning.
  3. Remember to always wear insulating gloves and suitable footwear. In addition, you should make sure there’s no electricity in the cables you handle. 

For your safety, we recommend that the maintenance of solar panels should be carried out by professionals who are trained to work at heights and have electrical knowledge.

At Holaluz, we offer you a solar panels maintenance service that includes: an annual cleaning of your solar panels, an annual review of all the components of your installation, a periodic remote check of your panels to monitor their production, and much more. Find out all the details about our solar panel maintenance service.

All that will help avoid the performance of your installation, and the savings on your bill, being impacted. Put your solar panel installation in good hands and sit back and enjoy your 100% green energy.

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