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How to fix a solar panel?

A solar panel has a useful life of 25 years or more, but it might experience a few hiccups. Detecting and repairing them in time is crucial to guarantee its production and, therefore, the savings you enjoy every month on your electricity bill. It’s estimated that an installation of solar panels without optimum maintenance can lead to their **performance being reduced by up to 10%.  **

With Holaluz’s solar panel maintenance you don’t have to worry about any unforeseen incidents, because we’ll take care of everything.


  • We monitor the operation of your solar panels remotely.
  • In addition, every year we carry out a revision of your solar installation, checking all the components making sure the production capacity is optimum. You can request the annual review of your installation whenever you prefer, but if you forget, **we’ll proactively schedule a date. **


  • If we detect that production has dipped, we’ll resolve it in less than 3 working days if it’s urgent or in 2 weeks if it’s not.
  • You’ll also have an incident resolution service.
  • We take care of any faults relating to the solar electric panel, as well as those affecting the inverter. This includes drops in performance, failures in the monitoring of energy consumption or production and internet communication.


Solar panels are designed to be outdoors and withstand all types of weather, so rain is usually enough to keep them clean. But that doesn't mean you can just forget about them. Solar panels require a thorough cleaning every year, and at Holaluz we take care of that too.

☝️Your safety comes first. That’s why, if you’re wondering how to repair a damaged solar panel, at Holaluz we recommend you turn to professionals that can work at height and have electrical knowledge.

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