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How to determine the voltage of a solar panel?

If you're thinking about how to determine the voltage of a solar panel, keep in mind that every solar panel has a current and a voltage. It’s the relationship between these two components (I-V) that's one of the basic elements of a solar panel.

The nominal voltage of a solar panel is not usually found on the data sheet or on the front of the module. What we are given is the maximum power voltage. The voltage multiplied by the current gives us the power, a formula that allows us to discover the potential of each solar panel and, therefore, how many solar panels  will be necessary for our installation to meet our electrical needs. For example, a panel with a maximum power voltage (Vmp) of 31.49V and a maximum power current (Imp) of 13.18A will be able to reach a maximum power of 415Wp (31.49 * 13.18).

Although it may seem obvious, it's important to know that one solar panel alone is of little use: what you really need is an installation, i.e. a set of photovoltaic solar panels.

When you consider the question of, for example, what you can power with a 300 watt solar panel, you need to be aware of your consumption habits and needs, in order to make sure the size of your installation is tailored to achieve maximum energy and economic savings.

At Holaluz we do a personalised survey and put together the best offer for you with technical plans included. We design your installation to optimise your roof space. We install the optimum number of solar panels so you save more every month and contribute to changing the energy model into one that's more sustainable, cheaper and fairer for everyone. Check it out!

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