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How to install solar panels with batteries?

Solar batteries are elements designed to complement solar panels in a photovoltaic solar installation. They serve to store extra energy that's not used at the time of production, i.e. the self-consumption surplus, allowing it to be used at any other time.

When considering how to install solar panels with batteries, there are several important things to consider. These modules are becoming less and less bulky, which is fortunate as they have to be installed indoors.  They’re normally installed on the wall, near the electrical panel and the inverter (the device that converts the direct current captured by the panels into alternating current) of the solar installation.

This is something we need to take into account especially when we consider how to install solar panels with batteries. There are hybrid inverters that incorporate a battery charger, which saves space and makes installation easier so that you only need to add the battery.

However, if you're considering how to install a solar panel system with batteries but don't have a hybrid inverter, you'll need to incorporate a battery charger into the system or make sure the battery itself already has a built-in charger.

On the other hand, bear in mind that if you're looking to make the most of your roof’s potential and the surplus energy it generates, but don't want to make the installation more expensive with an electric battery (the most expensive element), there are alternatives. In our case, in order to minimise the cost of the solar installation and maximise savings from day one, we offer the option of installing a virtual battery. With its help, and thanks to a shift in the energy model towards distributed generation, it’s possible to apply a fixed savings quota to your entire electricity bill, not just to the energy part (consumption). You may even have savings left over after covering 100% of your bill, which you can apply to another bill, or which we can pay you.

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