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How we can make the most of solar energy?

The answer to how we can make the most of solar energy is a simple one. Through a  solar panel installation you can convert the sun’s energy into energy for your day to day activities that can be shared with people around you and even translate into savings on your energy bill.

Solar energy is a limitless source of renewable, clean energy, as well as one of the most efficient and cheap ones, making it a 100% green economical alternative. The best way to use solar energy will depend on your consumption needs. There are different types of solar energy:

  • Photovoltaic solar energy: By installing solar panels on roofs and other surfaces, we can generate electricity from solar radiation. The panels contain a set of photovoltaic cells which, when exposed to solar radiation, become excited and create electricity through the photoelectric effect. Solar photovoltaic energy can be used for domestic purposes as well as to supply industrial demand or produce electricity on a large scale.
  • Solar thermal energy: To put it simply, this is the energy we use to heat water. This can also be achieved through the installation of solar panels, called solar thermal collectors, designed to produce heat by transforming solar radiation. It's less efficient than photovoltaic solar energy, but its use is widespread and it's still a good option.
  • Passive solar energy: In this case, solar energy is harnessed through what’s known as bioclimatic architecture. That involves building materials and designs that allow for the heating of living spaces without the need to transform solar radiation, in order to achieve optimal climate control.

At Holaluz, we're experts in harnessing solar energy to pass it on in the form of savings on your bill. We take care of everything with the aim of producing more solar energy for the planet and giving you greater savings and peace of mind.

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