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What are the benefits of solar energy?

Solar energy has all kinds of benefits. Let’s list the most important ones: 

With solar panels, you’ll save on your energy bill  

In addition to highlighting the benefits of solar energy, it's also important to emphasise the benefits of solar panels. By installing solar panels you’ll immediately save on your energy bill, as the 100% green energy you generate will cover a part of the whole of your consumption. 

You should know that with Holaluz you can cut your electricity bill down to €0 or even earn money:

  • That’s because we maximise your rooftop’s production capacity, installing as many solar panels as possible. 
  • In that way, you become more than just a consumer. You become a producer too. 
  • On top of covering your own consumption, you’ll have extra 100% green energy that we’ll buy from you to share with others. 

The more panels you can install on your roof, the more energy you produce and the more you save. Calculate how much you’d save by making your rooftop part of the Revolution.

Solar energy will bring down the cost of energy for everyone

In Spain, there are 10 million rooftops that are technically viable for installing solar panels. When the Rooftop Revolution has succeeded, we'll drastically reduce the price of electricity for everyone as we become more energy independent. 

It’s estimated that:

  • We’ll bring down the price of electricity by more than 40%.
  • We’ll double our production of green energy.
  • And we’ll supply up to 50% of our total energy needs with clean energy. 

It’s no secret, it’s common sense: the sun is everyone’s, it’s clean and it’s infinite. 

This is something we can only do together, and it’s not impossible: Australia has achieved almost 1 kW of solar energy per capita, having focused their energies on solar panel installations. In 6 months, Vietnam has installed the equivalent of 6 nuclear power stations for domestic use. 

Solar energy is respectful of the environment

It doesn't pollute the air or water, or emit greenhouse gases. Therefore, and unlike non-renewable fossil fuels, it doesn’t contribute to global warming.

Solar energy is an economic driver

The boom in solar energy in recent years, especially in the domestic sector, has also mobilised the entire business and labour sector.

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