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What batteries are best for solar panels?

Knowing the types available and the key points to take into account is very helpful when it comes to knowing which batteries are best for solar panels. This can be a complex task, so it's best to put it in the hands of experts in the field. In fact, ideally, they should conduct a personalised study of each case. This can give you answers to questions such as "What battery do I need for a 150w solar panel?", and more.  Even so, having some basic knowledge at the outset can help you decide.

To begin with, these would be our two main recommendations when deciding which battery is bestto run alongside a solar panel:

  • Choose a solar battery of the same brand as the inverter, an essential component of any solar photovoltaic installation, as it converts the direct current captured by the panels into alternating current, ready to be used. By opting for the same brand, you make it easy for these two elements and any future devices that you might add, such as chargers for electric cars, to be easily integrated.

  • Ensure optimum storage capacity based on the power of your installation and your consumption. We usually recommend a battery storage capacity (in kWh) between 1 and 2 times the kWp of your photovoltaic installations.

Looking at types of solar batteries, if you’re wondering which batteries are most used for solar panels the answer is clear: lithium batteries. They’re the standard for this kind of solar battery because they offer the best performance and best warranties, amongst other things. On top of that, they're maintenance-free, take up less space than other models, and are the type of technology that has been, and is still being, researched the most in recent times.

However, there are other types of batteries for solar panels, and not all of them are "physical" batteries. At Holaluz, in order to minimise the cost of the solar installation and maximise savings from day one, we’re committed to the virtual battery. With its help, and thanks to a change in the energy model towards distributed generation, we manage to apply a fixed savings quota to your entire electricity bill, not only to the energy part (consumption). You could even have leftover savings after covering 100% of your bill.

On the other hand, if you already have solar panels installed and you want to switch to Holaluz, we offer Holaluz Cloud, our technology for buying and selling self-consumption surplus energy.

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