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Where can I buy solar panels?

There are a lot of websites and establishments where you can buy solar panels, self-consumption kits, batteries and other elements of a photovoltaic solar installation.

Watch out! Probably, you do not need the elements but a self-consumption installation working properly. We do not simply sell solar panels, but we take care that your self-consumption installation is producing green energy without you having to do anything.

A photovoltaic solar installation has some complexity, not only in the connection and proper functioning of its elements (panels, inverter, etc.), but also in its orientation and in the correct fixation on the roof. Therefore, at Holaluz we only work with professional installers with years of experience, in order to guarantee the highest quality of your self-consumption installation. Because, when someone wants a house, they don't look for where to buy bricks or beams but rather, they look for a built house. Similarly, we do not recommend that you look for where to buy solar panels, but instead, for someone who can install a complete solar installation providing you with all the necessary guarantees.

Remember that you have more information at our Self-consumption section.

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