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I don't have electricity. How much will it cost me to register a new supply point?

If you don't have electricity and you want to register a supply point, we won't charge you anything. But the distributor (through our bill) we'll charge for the following items:

  • Access fees: €19.70 for each kW requested
  • Extension fees: €17.37 for each kW requested (*)
  • Connection fees: €9.04 per action.
  • Deposit: Fixed, depending on each client.

As an example, let's put the case if you want to register a new supply with 4.6kW of power. In this case, on your first bill you'll be charged:

If on the other hand what you want is to switch from your current company to, in the case that you already have electricity contracted, you only need to fill out our registration form with one of your bills handy.

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